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Should I write a book? – Motivation

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Well, it’s a really good question.

Why do you want to write a book?

The answer that you provide will need to motivate you through the arduous job of completing the task, so it better be a good one.

Let’s say that you have a desire to write let’s say a mystery novel. For it to be commercial it should be in the range of 75,000 to 90,000 words for a first-time author.

That is 300 hours of writing and 150 hours of research, according to my experience. That’s over ten weeks of conventional full-time work.

The WHY as you can see is incredibly important but do you need a –

  • ‘Writing a book is the most important thing that I want to achieve in my life, and I need to do it now’ motivation to succeed, or will;
  • ‘I’d like to write a book sometime’  – provide you sufficient drive for the task?

Well, only you can tell.

Having broken down the tasks involved in completing a novel, I decided that one chapter of 3000 words per week was achievable for me. That’s about 10 hours of writing and 5 hours of research.

So now for the brutal questions?

Is your motivation sufficient for the task? I managed 15 hours per week without negatively affecting my family (hang on what’s my partner’s name, again?)

For you to achieve this you must either: find a way of using your time more efficiently or replace an existing activity. Either of these need motivation. Do you have it?

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