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Internal Design – Really?

This was my initial thought, having completed the cover design,I wondered why I needed Internal Design, I was reasonably happy with words.

As is obvious, I didn’t know what Internal Design actually was, it is for a Novel:

  • Typeface
  • Font
  • Spacing
  • Margins
  • Gutters
  • Spacing – Top and bottom.

and for non- fiction books, additionally:

  • sub-headings
  • bulleted lists
  • in-line text quotes
  • Photos/images/charts/graphics

Professional Services

For example – Karrie Ross is one of many offering a professional design service. The design service in Karrie case costs $4.50 per page for fiction and $6 per page for a basic non- fiction untroubled with photos. My book has 390 pages, it would cost $1,750 to have your similar book professionally designed.

If you have a desire for an individual professional design service, there are many offer available on the net. I do not recommend Karrie other than her service was on the front page of the search.

Templated Services


CreateSpace Book Design

As you can see Createspace offer the use of their templated designs, a choice of five for $199 could be better for someone on a budget.



Another Templated Service is Bookow.

bookowBookow offers a cheaper service juts $80 for  a book with no images.

Bookow will feature in another post, they offer a great free ISBN barcode generator, but more later.

There are many other  services on offer, again a good search will offer you much variety.


As you can see below Createspace features again. CreateSpace is a POD publisher.  OK, I was just being esoteric, POD is Print on Demand. The service allows you to Sef Publish your book as a paperback. Each time a purchase request is received the book is individually manufactered to order. More in another Blog.

Createspace could well be a first port of call for all your self-publishing questions.


createspace book templatesAs you can see there is an extensive range of Internal designs. You should find something here to match your trim size. If not re-trim your book!

Click below for the earlier blog on Trim Size:

Trim Size of the Book

The templates can be found here:

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