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Ignoring Your Own Advice (Boldly Do)

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This seems like a stupid topic for a blog but the key to the SELF PUBLISHING is SELF.

Trying and doing things are different.

Yoda Small Depositphotos_62831863_m-2015


YODA’s wisdom was:

Do or Do Not.

There is no Try





So having researched, understood (or at least partially) and planned, feel free to desert all that deliberation. Trying to make your plan fit a reality that you didn’t know existed, rather than adapt is stupidity.

The sad part is that all my blogging topics pontificate boldly about realities I barely understand. The planning is necessary, though, even if it is ignored.

I seem to be going all SciFi!!USS Enterrise


Boldly go  – where no man has gone before.


Ok, so It is a major exaggeration.

I mean –  DO boldly, go where you have never been before.

Between Starwars and Startrek we have got there. Research and planning in this unknown, strange and creative space should just allow you to get your wheels rolling. If you can run the plan to the end – excellent, if not adapt.

Research, by all means but IGNORE ALL ADVICE (INCLUDING MINE AND YOUR OWN) if it stops you from DOING.



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