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I don’t write to make money but my ego demands success so I need a marketing strategy. The first step is a web page.

As I am writing a series, readers of any book in the series (Angel Murders due soon) should have easy access to the others, published or yet to be published. The only major way that this can be achieved is via a website referral page at the back of the novel. Here is mine:

Website referal


As you can see the author is being promoted directly to those who like her (a fair assumption if they get to the back of the book) and maybe like her enough to engage. The Authors website makes that engagement easier.

Look and Feel (and how to get it)

I have over the years had a number of websites promoting various businesses I have owned or promoted. In all instances (but one, more on that in a later blog) I paid to have the website designed.

The process was:

  • troll the web for a design I liked as a template, (ohps that should have been ‘guide’)
  • put together some things to say
  • leave the rest to the designer.

This always resulted in a pleasant but static outcome. All alterations/additions were made through the designer, who maybe should have ensured I was self-sufficient, but heck, they have to eat too. The result was not a dynamic representation of my business.

I was educated using books, the nearest computer was probably, a mainframe in the bowels of the closest University, so unlike my children, I think ‘C++’ is a vitamin supplement, ‘Python’ is a snake and ‘Java’ is the fourth largest island in Indonesia. Despite this obvious deficiency, my experience leads me to believe the only way to get a responsive web presence is to do it yourself. (DIY Website blog will follow)

You have clearly found this website – What do you think?


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