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Writer’s Block

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Writers Block

Well, what is it? I presume it is sitting in front of an empty page or screen and being unable to write. If this is the definition then I don't get it. Maybe I have the more terminal version - if I have nothing to write I stay away from pages and screens. So within the

The Mechanics of writing

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  Here are some of the issues, I had to resolve before I started, there are a few, and I only plan to touch on them here and hope to flesh them out as the blog grows. The conventional wisdom in novel writing is quoted speech in first person, and the narrative voice in third

Should I write a book? – Motivation

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  Why do you want to write a book? The answer that you provide will need to motivate you through the arduous job of completing the task, so it better be a good one. Let’s say that you have a desire to write let’s say a mystery novel. For it to be commercial it should

Who Am I And Why Write A Blog

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It’s fortunate that expertise is not a requirement to run a blog.  I am Kerry Sharp. Whilst I question my expertise, I have finished my novel, a crime mystery of 90,000 words. I suppose that makes me more knowledgeable than some but less knowledgeable than many. I have been tempted to create this blog because