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Pea Pod Murder


Professor Suzie Hyde and Chief Superintendent Owen Lacey, find that revenge both leaves them empty and the target of the Russian mob.

Suzie is super smart, very successful and flawed, she believes herself to be unlovable.

She has taken her company ‘Artificial Robotics’ from an idea to a multibillion pound sale. Released from twenty five hour working days, the repressed desire to find and destroy her Father’s murderer has re-emerged as a driving passion. Her Father’s case is cold, her route around insufficient data, is to design a cutting edge case management solution and sell it to the Metropolitan Police, so she can plunder their data.

Owen was a personable, successful police officer, whose abilities were rewarded, by a rapid rise in rank to Chief Superintendent. That was until his wife and daughter were destroyed by a bomb meant for Owen.

Owen no longer has a desire to live. He is seeking a path to oblivion, eschewing friendship and support in his dark quest.

Suzie’s complicated plan progresses, she is seconded as a Detective Sergeant, to trial her software. On being tasked to solve a violent murder, Suzie’s singular focus is subverted by her desire to find justice for the violated victim of the crime.

As the truth relating to the murders is slowly revealed, Owen who doesn’t want love comes closer to Suzie who can’t be loved. Will their budding friendship be allowed to blossom, or will death or the dark sides of their natures intervene.

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