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Angel Murders


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Release date scheduled for October 2016

Suzie’s C.R.I.M.E. software (Crime Research & Investigation Management Environment) has been purchased by the Met. They are using it successfully in multiple investigations, including a clandestine investigation into major London crime families.

Suzie and Owen have accepted an invitation to demonstrate CRIME in Australia. They are allocated two cold cases in Melbourne the Delaney Murder and the Gearey abduction.

The team is quick to uncover new evidence in the Delaney case but are stymied by rock solid alibis. Cold cases have had their urgency diluted by time, so the team focuses its efforts on the case ‘most likely’.

The CRIME software leads Suzie to the dam where Sandra Gearey’s body was dumped. She discovers that the murder she has been tasked to solve may be just one of many. Her single case quickly escalates to a National Investigation. They also realize that Suzie could become a target of a murderer who may have killed eight or more women who looked just like her.

Will Esther Delaney murderer continue to escape justice, as the Gearey murder ramps up, consuming all of their investigative time?

As Owen and Suzie collaborate to solve these crimes, their friendship deepens. Will they be able to rekindle the flame which was snuffed out too early, or will it be permanently extinguished?

Being exactly the flavor that the Angel murderer wants to taste, should Suzie use herself as bait to bring the murderer more quickly to justice, or will she become the target of the Russian mob or the local Mafia before she has the chance to sacrifice herself.

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