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Well I sent out almost enough query letters to Literary Agents. Who all failed to recognize that they were dealing with an author of Pulitzer prize winning potential and a novel which was the decade’s greatest literary work.

This group failure actually tends to validate the Literary Agents role. I certainly haven’t written a great literary work, instead I have written a book with barley believable characters with almost feasible plot lines and as a ‘I will write a book one day’ author, I would have difficulty differentiating between a Pulitzer and a Raffle prize. I am not disparaging myself; I have written the sort of book I enjoy reading. Given that I accept that riches will not flow through my endeavours, what else would I do?

I sadly can’t even blame the Query itself, I had a few bites but they decided the bait, my book, was not for them.

So now my planned time-line demanded that I self-publish, and now the trouble starts…

I am writing this section of the blog ‘live’ you are actually living the experience with me, so expect many about faces. All of the content before this section was written/will be written retrospectively and may therefore be a bit more ‘wise’.

These are the things that I figure need consideration, I only plan to touch on them here but hope to flesh them out as the blog grows.

After hours of circular research I tired of waving at myself across the diameter of my endeavors and decided a decision needed to be made somewhere. So I decided to pay for the production of a cover.

This was a good decision, not intrinsically so, but because it unwound my circle giving me a chronology. (You may have deduced if you have read previous blogs, that I like order, even if I am incapable of maintaining it.)

So from the cover I needed to know the following:

  • The size of the book.
  • The title and sub title
  • The Authors name (Pseudonym or not?)
  • A concept of who my audience was and how to attract them.
  • A starting idea for a design
    • Front
    • Back
    • Spine
  • A synopsis for the artist, (he claimed that he would be influenced by it)

I further had to consider:

  • Where I would self-publish, (each has a differing design requirement.)
  • ISBN numbers and Bar codes.
  • If I was planning to use the graphics in promotional material.
  • As I was planning a series, should I create a series template?
  • Was I going to create an Authors website so it could be referenced in the published work?

So as you can deduce, all this thinking was good for me. Now I have a track to run on I hope I will no longer get dizzy.

I hope to cover each of the above in following blogs.