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Who Am I And Why Write A Blog

It’s fortunate that expertise is not a requirement to run a blog.  I am Kerry Sharp. Whilst I question my expertise, I have finished my novel, a crime mystery of 90,000 words. I suppose that makes me more knowledgeable than some but less knowledgeable than many.

I have been tempted to create this blog because although my path has been a little lubricated by the wisdom of others, mostly it is a trail of my own invention. Certain in my direction, (thoughts of bovines and porcelain purveyors), I have often stumbled upon un-crossable valleys and deep ravines which have required many backtracks. I have also yet to learn the perils of my choices, which patiently lurk until some friendly publisher banishes them.

Any other budding novelists may find in my scribblings a path which hopefully circumvents boulders and culverts which are patiently waiting for careless feet.

My aim is to cover, planning, writing and selling of the manuscript. With my limited knowledge I am happy to answer questions but my hope is that some expert slumming through this blog may grace us with their wisdom.

Bear in mind, that in ‘re’ inventing and documenting my own path I may have proved that I am a fool and that there are many more efficient ways of achieving the same thing or horror of horrors I might actually be wrong. Well if either of these events is true, I have still managed to finish the novel so they didn’t impede me greatly, who knows you may enjoy the wrong path to success too.

I have put some thought into creating a menu structure that makes some sense. If you play you will see that I have not posted in all the categories yet but hope to over time.

Finally, if I thought that I’d have something to say when I started my book ‘Pea Pod Murder’ it would have made this Blog less chaotic. I am writing these posts coinsiding with my desic