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Internal Design

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This was my initial thought, having completed the cover design,I wondered why I needed Internal Design, I was reasonably happy with words. As is obvious, I didn't know what Internal Design actually was, it is for a Novel: Typeface Font Spacing Margins Gutters Spacing - Top and bottom. and for non- fiction books, additionally: sub-headings

Writer’s Block

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Writers Block

Well, what is it? I presume it is sitting in front of an empty page or screen and being unable to write. If this is the definition then I don't get it. Maybe I have the more terminal version - if I have nothing to write I stay away from pages and screens. So within the

How to Create a Great Book Cover

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How to Commission a Book Cover

  There some basic rules around money. Now your brother's second cousin knows a girl who went to college with the daughter of a man whose best friend - Spent nothing, planned nothing, knew nothing, yet still achieved something. For us normal beings, me in particular, these rules apply: Spend a lot earn a little

Book Cover

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  As I previously mentioned, deciding to self-publish for me was a time of running around in circles, trying to gain enough knowledge to make a start. Deciding that I should start with the cover, for me, was a foundation from which to build. I will talk later about the design process, I want to

Calculating how many Pages

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It may seem a silly consideration but the size of the book can be an important issue for purchasers. Also, as mentioned earlier if you are using a Print on Demand service the more pages in the book the more costly it is to produce. For me when selecting a book on Kindle I am

Trim Size of the Book

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The Trim Size of the book is pretty much the outside dimensions. The size of the book is almost as important as the cover design and determines how the book looks. Do you know how you want your book to look? The considerations are; Your preferences - No further comment needed. Industry standards Printer requirements

Author’s Website

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I don't write to make money but my ego demands success so I need a marketing strategy. The first step is a web page. As I am writing a series, readers of any book in the series (Angel Murders due soon) should have easy access to the others, published or yet to be published. The

Self Publishing

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Well, I sent out almost enough query letters to Literary Agents. Who all failed to recognize that they were dealing with an author of Pulitzer prize-winning potential and a novel which was the decade’s greatest literary work. This group failure actually tends to validate the Literary Agents role. I certainly haven’t written a great literary

The Mechanics of writing

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  Here are some of the issues, I had to resolve before I started, there are a few, and I only plan to touch on them here and hope to flesh them out as the blog grows. The conventional wisdom in novel writing is quoted speech in first person, and the narrative voice in third

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