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Digital program code and American map with a communication concept in blue and green


Data Assimilation; Truth Algorithm; Management System.

As far as I am aware a program of this sort does not exist, but it should.

Due to additions to the program Suzie has renamed DATAMS in the new novel ‘Angel Murders’.

She now calls it CRIME.

C – Criminal

R – Research

I – Investigation

M – Management

E – Environment


Visual Image Processing

The IMAGENET referred to in the book developed has been Stamford University; the references to IMAGENET are true.

You can see Fei-Fei Li speak about IMAGENET.  ‘How we’re teaching computers to understand pictures.’

As far as I am aware Stamford’s work has not been used to automate the reading of CCTV cameras. Given the amount of time wasted in viewing endless streams of CCTV footage, one wonders why.